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Artist Photo

Coral Harding (b. 2001, London) is an artist currently in her final year of undergraduate studies at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. She studied her Art Foundation at Central Saint Martins. Her work explores the sensuality of memory, tradition and cultural experience in the forms of site-specific sculpture, drawing and painting. Employing materials used within ritual and commemoration, including cloves, willow branches and intricate metal objects Coral communicates the sensitivity and vulnerability of these materials through her presentation of their exposed and overwhelming sensory potential and tactility. Working with existing architectural features in the spaces within which she shows her work, Coral highlights specific structural details through her utilisation of the sensory. She explores the emotionally penetrative and reminiscent nature of smell and its ability to destabilise spatial boundaries. A lyricism between compression and diffusion, containment and expansion, architecture and atmosphere.

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